Afterlife is coming!

Afterlife is Coming!

How we became part of the Afterlife

Afterlife is Coming!
Gothic masterpiece is coming to Cryptology Sheffield

As Escape Room owners we love, as much as you do, to go visit other escape rooms. Sometimes we take trips to Europe and other times we go a little closer to home. In a Shipley not too far away we played a game that we thoroughly enjoyed at X-IT. The game was called Afterlife and after laughing, chuckling, and thoroughly enjoying the game we spent time with the owners and chatted with them about all things escape rooms. That we thought was that, until during the lockdown an opportunity arose (sadly, but not too sadly) for us to purchase this game and bring it to Sheffield. Now, I will say that this is not what we normally do. We pride ourselves on creating our own unique experiences that we build and create with our own blood, sweat, and beers. On this occasion, though the game, the seller, the buyer, and the timing all fit and we are excited to put this massive jigsaw puzzle and put a Cryptology stamp on it (Not too much, we loved the original). 

What about ‘TBC Scary Game’?

TBC Scary Game
Scares put back a little

What does this mean for Cryptology’s scary game? Well, in short, this pushes the ‘TBC Scary Game’ back, but not by too much. We are excited that we will hopefully be bringing you 2 escape rooms in quick succession. Afterlife, despite the name, is not a scary game. It is more gothic and atmospheric. ‘TBC Scary Game’ is our chance to make you fear your own thoughts!

When Will it be Ready?

Coming soon
Coming Soon?

Afterlife is coming and we are hoping within the next couple of months to be ready to go. Although it is a massive jigsaw, we still need to fit it to our location and iron out any issues that may arise. We are as anxious as you are to have a new game available.

What is Afterlife all about?

Enter your Afterlife
Enter your Afterlife

As a mortal, to enter your afterlife, you must first die. How you die is your choice but all must enter through the void of transcendence.Only the brave will follow the light, crawl out of the grave and go to hell and back. Logical thinking and teamwork is what you need to ensure that when your hour is up your name is found in the Book of Life. You can read more about Afterlife here

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