Cypherdyne: You’re About To Become Obsolete

Over the past year, we have visited some of the greatest Escape Rooms in the world including games in America, Belgium, and Canada. It’s amazing to see how far the industry has come, pushing the boundaries of what were once simple puzzle games into immersive theatre and art, as well as truly unique experiences that you just can’t get in another medium. Walking through breath-taking environments and following dramatic narratives it is fantastic to see how much has changed from the starting point.

Cryptology started 9 years ago, close to that starting point in England. The first branch being based on the third floor of an office block and it’s first game, Cypherdyne, was put together with this in mind, using the space provided in the simplest way and without making things difficult to produce.

Cypherdyne v1.5 Offer

Early adopters tentatively tried out these new fangled ‘escape games’ and Cypherdyne was perfect at being accessible and not terrifying for those who thought the industry was for some reason or another about kidnapping people. It was a simpler time.

We are no longer in that time.

Witchful Thinking is near the end of a long production time and it’s our most ambitious game yet. Daylight Robbery continues to win worldwide awards for its sprawling three act heist experience.
But Cypherdyne is ready to go, its brilliant logic teasers and its simple but charming tale needs to make way for a new experience and we are excited to start a new project as we close another.

Witchful Thinking Preview

So don’t delay; Cypherdyne is still a fantastic game but we are retiring it this year. In the meantime, customers can enjoy a permanent 25% discount for this legacy game, no code required.

It is still an ideal game for first timers or those who enjoy a linear romp through taxing and logical puzzles. Don’t miss out on this 9 year old beast, it still does well and it holds up great. But it has to go soon.

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