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COMING SOON: New Escape Room at Cryptology Sheffield

Cryptology Sheffield are working hard to bring you a brand new escape room: ‘”The Great ???? Heist”.

Your mission

You’ve been sent by a shady character to loot one of Sheffield’s most coveted items. Stealing this treasure will give you riches untold, but the police won’t take kindly to it…

First, you must infiltrate the factory. Get in and get the systems back online!

Then, you must find a way to access the top secret safe to find the treasure and bring it back.

Will you make it before the police arrive? Or will you end up locked up forever for crimes against Sheffield…

A room with a history!

Our new escape room at Sheffield is going to be completely unique: a theme never explored, truly an ode to Sheffield.

Not only is the treasure you seek specific to Sheffield, but the room itself will be filled to the brim with fun little puzzles relating to the city’s history.

We’ve been researching, talking to locals, and visiting museums to learn exactly what makes Sheffield so special, and we’re ready to showcase this rich history in the most fun way possible: an escape room!

So… What are we stealing?

The item you’re stealing is going to be kept top secret until the room is built… So keep your eyes peeled! I know it seems vague, but believe me… It’ll be worth the wait.

Other news: Take Our Escape Room Personality Quiz!

Other than the exciting news about our new escape room in Sheffield, we also have a fun little personality quiz that you’re welcome to try your hand at… And finally answer the question: What type of escape room padlock are you based on your personality?

Need to know more?

If you’re looking to book a room, find out more, or just want to have a browse of our website, check out the links below.

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