Are Escape Rooms Suitable for Kids?

Choosing a suitable escape room for your family or kids to do can be gruelling – but Cryptology Sheffield, Swindon, and Nottingham have you covered!

Can Escape Rooms Be Family Friendly?

Short answer: yes! Most escape rooms will clarify on their website if they are family friendly. Our branches all have an FAQ where you can easily check if it is suitable for children. Our Sheffield branch also offers child pricing on all rooms – so you might just make a saving, too!

Have a quick google search – “family friendly escape rooms near me” or “kid friendly escape rooms near me” should get you the results you need!

Can I Send My Kids Alone into an Escape Room?

Generally, kids alone in escape rooms is a no – but is is worth checking each escape room’s policy. All Cryptology branches have a policy that under 16’s cannot be unaccompanied in a room. You should be asked during your bookings to confirm that you understand this. When in doubt, go to the FAQ!

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Can My Kids Have a Birthday Party at an Escape Room?

Of course! Your children, family and friends are welcome to do a suitable escape room as a birthday activity. It’s worth checking the maximum players per room, as you may need to split across multiple – and get a good rivalry going between friends!

What Kind of Escape Room is Most Suitable for Kids?

Ask yourself this – if you were to book a ticket to the cinema for your child, what type of film would they like? Same logic applies for escape rooms. Once you have found an escape room suitable for kids, it is important that you ask your kids what they would like! Some kids love sci-fi, some love a murder mystery. They could play robbers in Nottingham, or be archaeologists. In Swindon, they could be spies or solve the mystery of a haunted house. If that doesn’t sound good, check out our other rooms offered at Nottingham, Swindon and Sheffield. Or, if you’re stuck – get them a voucher, and let them decide themselves.

Which Escape Rooms Are Suitable for Kids?

All of Cryptology escape rooms are suitable for kids – but if you’re not sure which is best, keep an eye out for a blog post coming up with a summary of each room.

Alternative, head straight to our website to find out for yourselves!

Catch up on our latest blog post here.

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